Software Freedom Day 2007

Beijing Software Freedom Day 2007 Report

With a crowd of over 700 people attending, 10 speakers and 15 exhibitors we can definitely say that Beijing Software Freedom Day was a great success!

Initially expecting 300 to 400 people, a slight increase from last year event held in Peking University, we prepared for about 500 people maximum. In fact, since we're talking numbers, Beijing SFD initiated quite a lot of community participation to translate the OpenCD project into Chinese, design a cover and print 500 within 3 weeks. We also printed 400 SFD bags that you can see on the photo gallery everywhere and 500 "I use Open Source, and you?" T-Shirts. We collected enough funds from sponsors to do that plus printing backdrops, adverstising materials and more CDs for different communities.

The OpenCD in Chinese So in total we have distributed on that day (within an hour after the opening) 500 Chinese OpenCD, 500 T-shirts, 400 RedOffice CDs (the Chinese OpenOffice version), 200 Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop DVDs, 300 (x)Ubuntu CDs, 200 Debian CDs, 150 Blender CDs, 200 RedFlad Linux CDs all together. We had as well six Linux distributions represented there: Debian, Mandriva, Novell Suse, Red Flag Linux, Ubuntu and Thiz Linux. In terms of OSS applications we had the Chinese improved version of OpenOffice called RedOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Blender, Hoodong Wiki and Blue DJ Games. Finally a few cool OpenSource devices and software organizations came such as OpenMoko, Loongson, Intel and the DSLAB from Lanzhou University. Last but not least, our hosting provider and the company bringing OSS mirrors to Chinese people - CANDIS - made it as well!

Beijing Software Freedom Day was also the opportunity to hear people talking how OSS has changed their lives and made their dream come true. How the simple idea of sharing, contributing and giving back to society can be applied to software and help all of us to become smarter people. We really want to thank the speakers who have come from as far as Australia (Colin Charles) and Taiwan (Jollen and Chelsea) or Lanzhou (Pr. Zhou) or Liaoning (Blender team) in China to share that special feeling with us. They have also focused their message on our specific topic which made it so compelling that people stayed up until the end (we finished one hour late, at 18:30).

And finally the OpenMoko mobile phone that was to be won through a series of questions and a lucky draw ended up in the hands of a Tsinghua University PHD student who has already contributed to two open source projects. Hopefully this wonderful gift will convince him to participate to a third one!

As a side note, an important one I believe, the event also initiated quite a surprise from the press and we're discussing with magazines about articles related to Open Source as well as inclusion of the (Chinese) OpenCD and some Linux CDs as well within their magazine sometimes by the end of the year. Someone as also volunteered to become the maintainer of the Chinese OpenCD project, and probably we will see a few more initiatives coming up thanks to this event!

Thank you again everyone, SFD organization, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, communities, participants and everyone else who has helped to make this great event happen! Without you, it would not have been possible. See you next year for an even bigger Software Freedom Day in Beijing!




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